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Building Talkz Platform as a Service

A paradigm shift in efficient control and management of smart buildings


At Adeptus Technologies LLC, we are constantly listening to you, the Facilities Managers, and our sincere endeavor is to offer you powerful tools to meet day-to-day challenges of an overall operations landscape. We try to keep things simple, specifically to align with your growth strategy and are now able to offer our proven Building Talkz IoT platform as a Service.


Just like our IoT platform, our engagement too can be amenable and we can adopt to different budgets by offering easy Subscription-based models.

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In a key stake-holder profile of Facilities Manager, you can now pick and choose from the following features and functionalities mix:


  • Event/Work Order Management

  • Real-time Operational Dashboard

  • Energy Analysis         

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)

  • Building Comfort Analysis

  • Equipment Profiling

  • Performance Comparison

  • Equipment Availability Analysis

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • Maintenance Management

  • Reports and Dashboards Creation

To add credibility, we also partner with one of the world’s leading and well-known cloud services providers, thereby ensuring 99.99% uptime.


Whether you are a building owner or FM company servicing even one or hundreds of buildings, our Subscription models would be the way to go. For more information, write to us at OR Contact Us


Building Talkz IoT Platform

A ‘Building management system’ or BMS, in short, is a revolutionary centralized computer-based control system installed in buildings which would enable remote control & monitoring of all the building’s Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. The BMS has become a critical component in managing energy demand, monitoring performance of the equipment and in maximising energy efficiency.  This system helps building managers to understand how the buildings operate and allows them to control, adjust and optimize their performance. But the BMS itself has its own set of shortcomings, the most important one being – constant and physical presence of BMS operators at the particular location, to constantly monitor alerts from the BMS. The BMS alone, is unable to identify the exact problem in a particular equipment within the eco-system.

To schedule a demo, Mail us:

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Key features:

  • It is an open platform which allows integration and communication with most popular BMS brands/manufactures. Centralized monitoring capability is a given, while performing complex engineering analysis from varied data.

  • It allows for a feedback mechanism enabling domain experts to feed in their suggestions and improves the machine learning process of the system.

  • It is able to automate team selections based on expertise required to mitigate the events. There can be efficient usage of manpower limiting resources required to maintain and monitor systems there by enabling the FM team to distribute the manpower demand to field activities.

  • Service level agreement management also becomes a possibility using efficient job dispatch and trace.

  • Building Talkz has the flexibility to enable inbuilt CAFM systems to coordinate workforces, vendors and other stakeholders. In short, the platform can be integrated with an existing asset management system as well as existing CAFM systems.

What then, could be the answer to these shortcomings?


Riding a wave of constantly evolving, new cutting-edge technology, we have been able to get better control of the systems and conditions. Presenting Building Talkz IoT platform.


Building Talkz is the imminent and logical upgrade on BMS – breaking down silos and empowering building owners and FM companies. It brings together information from various BMS and if required from other sensors directly.  Gathered information can be re- programmed and effectively streamlined for the better management. Building Talkz provides for effective cost analysis, comparisons and offers comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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