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Smart Building Solutions

Adeptus Technologies offers state of the art design and implementation services resulting in an Intelligent Building Management Platform. The solution enables sub-systems to communicate with each other to achieve an Integrated Building Management Solution. 

BuildingTalkz Platform

Extensive Real time reporting with predictive analysis capabilities, the platform makes it easier for the building owners to easily manage and monitor their building assets and various equipment portfolio. Moreover gets and overview of the potential problem areas/makers within the site.   

The platform detects unusual patterns that do not confirm to the expected behavior which could be point anomalies, contextual anomalies and collective anomalies.

The Data is collated to enable the SME’s for the creation of Training sets respective to their Domain expertise (HVAC etc.)  The platform provides an extensive tool for the configuration of these training sets using UML (Unified Modelling Language).

These training sets are used to build data models which are then finalized and registered back to the platform. The Finalized Data models can be applied with feedback to enable reinforcements.


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Combined IT and building technology produces an intelligent infrastructure foundation to enable a high-performance workplace. The integrated framework capitalizes on Electro-mechanical systems, ICT Systems, Building Utilities, Security services and more. With our approach, Building systems become integrated, flexible, sustainable, and efficient..


▸Intelligent building management platform

▸Centralized Monitoring and control

▸HVAC Optimization

▸Unified building systems



▸Comprehensive automated system

▸Reduced operational & Maintenance Costs

▸Minimizes Cooling Issues

▸Manages Energy Demand


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