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Smart Waste Management

Using smart bins, connected fleet and workforce alongside state of the art technologies, the system provides detailed and integrated insights on waste collection and management.

Smart waste management intends to help waste management companies to make intelligent decisions on waste collection and disposal. Optimized distribution of waste bins across communities, cities and other facilities is now an integral part of a Smart City.

We have developed an IoT based architectural solution to tackle the problems faced by the present waste management processes. By providing a complete IoT based system, the process of tracking, collecting, and managing the waste can be easily automated and monitored efficiently. The solution offers extensive data analytics including geo spatial analysis that  provides area/region/community waste production and predict requirements of modified plans for waste management.

Wasteback Platform

Our solution packages the following features

  1. Calibration and classification of bins

  2. Surveying and Site inspections using smart apps

  3. Smart Bins

  4. Connected waste collection fleet

  5.  Operator identification

  6. Optimized routing and auto scheduling

  7. Measured waste management

  8. Extensive data analytics and MIS reporting

  9. Geospatial analytics

  10. Workforce management and smart job management

  11. Public Engagement

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