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Connected Facilities Management

Your infrastructure can be monitored and maintained remotely from Adeptus’ Command and control Centre (ACCC).  Our secured, premium Command and control center operates 24×7 to monitor, manage and support our offerings

The concept defines virtual relocation of the Facility to Adeptus Command and Control Center (ACCC). The data captured from the building assets facility level is updated to the central repository (ACCC) on a regular basis.


Our Command Control Center is equipped with enterprise level tools and software solutions to provide essential monitoring and verification services. These services are supported by subject matter experts (SMEs) who have extensive experience in the service and support of HVAC, electrical, and energy systems. 

Our team ensures that all building assets are monitored on a 24x7 basis which includes alarm notification to the concerned Facilities team, Proactive Maintenance notification, diagnostic analysis and Reporting.

Focusing on diverse industry verticals and facilities such as educational institutions, commercial buildings, Banking and financial sectors, residential buildings and government services.




▸Eliminate Unnecessary service calls and  visits

▸Holistic view of facilities and systems connected.

▸Increased availability and reliability

▸Quicker action in the event of breakdown.

▸Remote Configuration and troubleshooting as a first response step in case of an event/issue.

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