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Smart Parking Management

Our solution for Smart Parking enables efficient real time monitoring and managing of parking space which results in significant time and revenue generation.

Parking congestion is a constant source of time consuming process for drivers, employers and public officials in most cities. It is without any doubts that smart parking services is a key component for public officials, city information technology (IT) and innovation executives when planning smart cities.

Adeptus Technologies Smart Parking solutions includes the hardware, software and network connectivity that enable objects to be sensed and remotely controlled across IoT network, allowing users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots that lead to improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

Our Solution comprises of smart sensors installed in the ground, or cameras mounted on light poles or building structures, determine whether the parking spaces are occupied or available. This data is routed wirelessly to a gateway, and pushes the data to our smart parking platform. 


With multiple sensors installed, a real time parking map can be plotted which shows the accurate information on the available parking spaces, occupied slots thus saving time, fuel for the motorists furthermore reduce traffic congestion and atmospheric pollution.


The system enables intelligent decisions using data, including real– time status applications and historical analytics reports.

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