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Smart Fixed Assets Management

Our platform enables connectivity to any facility or equipment including meters, generators, chillers and any other intelligent mechanical equipment regardless of make, model or protocol.

We offer an end to end platform that proactively monitors assets, providing unambiguous transparency into how the facility performs, where critical faults lie, and where opportunities exist to significantly reduce operational expenses

Monitoring and management services for critical assets ensures early detection of failures and to enhance response times to prevent disasters. All assets can be continuously supervised to develop preventive and predictive maintenance approaches to improve operations.

Data from varied systems and devices utilities can be monitored round the clock ensuring high up time. Based on operational requirement, alarm thresholds shall be configured against required parameters.

Building equipment monitoring and control services enables remote asset owners to monitor, manage, and optimize operation of remote equipment without traveling to or maintaining staff locally at the equipment location.

The data captured from these diverse systems are transmitted to the IoT Platform offering

  • Real-time data acquisition, control and monitoring 

  • Universal Web browser access

  • Aggregation

  • Presentation

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Maintenance Management

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