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Building Talkz Xpress on-prem IoT Platform

An evolutionary solution that bridges the gap between legacy BMS and Smart IoT based buildings operations


Adeptus Technologies has developed a customized state of the art IoT Platform to manage and control all standalone Building Management Systems (BMS) known as ‘Building Talkz’. The platform is an Enterprise level application that brings  communities, buildings and utilities under one umbrella. With our existing software capabilities in proptech and genuine passion to bring revolutionary, cost-effective Smart Buildings technology to our customers, we have brought in all the features of an enterprise IoT platform to a small scaled version.

Using our rich experience in System integration, latest IoT and Building technology and successful Building Talkz deployments, we have developed ‘Building Talkz Xpress’ a small scaled version of our enterprise platform to effectively cater to our customers needs with standalone/on-premises requirements. With BT Xpress, all our customers get a chance to experience advanced features of an  IoT platform without the need to invest in enterprise IT infrastructure.


Building Talkz Xpress Platform

A ‘Building management system’ or BMS, in short, is a revolutionary centralized computer-based control system installed in buildings which would enable remote control & monitoring of all the building’s Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. The BMS has become a critical component in managing energy demand, monitoring performance of the equipment and in maximising energy efficiency.


But in often cases, property owners have to be dependent on Legacy BMS Suppliers and hardwares to maintain their facility. The legacy upgrades are costly and do not come with desired flexibility, customization and adaptation with latest available technologies, Hence the BMS systems are siloed without the attention that it needs to drive operational and Energy Savings. For eg, the BMS alone, is unable to identify the exact problem in a particular equipment within the ecosystem even if all the data is available to identify faults and take corrective actions.

Building Talkz Xpress provides property owners the right tool to achieve desired functionalities in BMS. They get to choose from the following product features and functionalities mix:

  • Event/Work Order Management

  • Holistic customizable User-Friendly UI

  • Real-time Operational Dashboard

  • Energy Analytics         

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)

  • Role Management

  • Mobile Application

  • Advanced Billing and normalization

  • Weather API Integration and Analysis

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • Asset Documentation Management

  • Reports and Dashboards Creation

  • Email, SMS Alerts Configuration


​To entrust customers with this technology, we provide installation, maintenance and Software upgrade support such that our customers enjoy new features with new releases of BT Xpress.

​Whether you are a small building owner or FM company servicing even one or hundreds of buildings, looking for enhancing building operations and energy savings with localized IoT capabilities look no further than BT Xpress. For more information, write to us at OR Contact Us.

To schedule a demo, Mail us:

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