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Evidence Capture solution for the IoT operations space

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

SkySoft-ATM, Switzerland has recently deployed ‘Evidence Capture’ solutions at Adeptus Technologies to monitor operator workstations in their command and control centres of IoT and Managed services

Dubai, UAE – June 16, 2019 – Adeptus Technologies LLC, a key player in the IoT and Managed Services domain in the UAE have recently implemented solutions from SkySoft-ATM, Switzerland – a market leader for recording solutions with deployments in the largest workstation recording projects, traditionally in the Air Traffic management domain globally. With this engagement, SkySoft-ATM are broadening their reach to now offer their recording expertise to the Public Safety and Security, IoT and Managed services domains specific to control room applications.

Adeptus currently manage and monitor various assets for their clients within the FM, Real Estate development and Property Management sectors from their 24/7 Command & Control Centre based in Dubai. The centre is powered by their in-house designed Datalkz IoT platform providing a data-driven management solution delivers community centric automation services to streamline and centralize a building’s operation including HVAC, power, security and other mechanical / electrical systems vital for the ecosystem to remain stable and secure. “Our operators use this AI driven platform to be able to do real time reporting with predictive analysis capabilities. This makes it easier for building owners to manage and monitor their various building assets and equipment portfolio,” says Ranjith Mathath, General Manager of Adeptus Technologies LLC. He also added that “It is of paramount importance to offer the best-in-class high quality services to our clients and our unique proposition is to be transparent in capturing all actions our operators take in the control centre.

As part of this current engagement with SkySoft-ATM, Adeptus will be using their latest version of Evidence Capture solution which has been designed specifically for the Public Safety and Security market. The solution captures the operator’s actions including keyboard inputs, mouse clicks and video streams sent to the large format video wall during their shift. With this level of recording being made available, Adeptus will be able to reconstruct the whole chain of actions that were taken during any particular incident and then consequently adapt their workflows and trainings to solve potential occurrences. Currently, its cloud based telematics solution allows the combination of the power of IoT with key data acquired to provide a seamless conglomeration of various aspects of efficient functioning.

“With this deployment at Adeptus, SkySoft-ATM are launching ourselves into the Middle East’s Public Safety and Security market. Our local sales and support partner for this region is Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises LLC – a trusted name within mission critical environments based in the UAE. They have a full team of sales, presales and support engineers who are capable of handling even the most complex installations with complete ease,” said Miguel Da Silva, Sales Manager, SkySoft-ATM.

As security and monitoring requirements in the region rise, this solution from SkySoft-ATM will empower control room supervisors and management team to better train their staff and provides a high degree of accountability in cases where deeper analysis of workflows and actions need to be recorded.

About SkySoft-ATM

SkySoft-ATM’s corporate mission is to rethink the design and the implementation of ATM systems. The company brings innovative solutions to the many challenges of Air Traffic Control.

By combining technical performance and a human approach, SkySoft- ATM achieves high productivity, reliability and safety standards, and now brings all this expertise to Public Safety market. User-friendliness and flexibility are the central themes of the company’s vision, which leads to custom-made solutions, developed in close cooperation with clients.

SkySoft-ATM is one of the market leaders for recording solutions and has successfully designed and deployed the largest workstation recording projects. Our recording solutions are thousands screens, keyboards and mice as well as radar and voice channels worldwide. For more information, visit

About Adeptus Technologies LLC

Adeptus is a fast growing player in the IoT and Managed Services domain. Its business is driven by a talent pool of young technology entrepreneurs and software designers with skills entrenched in AI and machine learning, delivering futuristic solutions for different verticals from Real Estate, Facilities Management, Govt., Construction & Contracting, Heavy Machinery & fleet, Waste management entities amongst others. Adeptus is based in the UAE and reaches out to clients across the GCC region. The head office acts as the main operating hub, hosting an intelligent 24x7 Command and Control Centre, powered by its in-house developed platform used by operators to deliver managed services. For more information, visit

About Rashed Al Makhawi Ent. LLC

Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises L.L.C (RAME), headquartered in Dubai, has over a decade’s experience as a leading, trusted and well known mission-critical technology solutions provider in the Middle East region. Its core domain expertise lies in the sectors of banking and financial services, contact centres, telecoms, oil & gas companies and public safety organizations. With a strong focus on delighting the customer every time, RAME’s solutions are backed-up with unmatched after-sales support and service which is a benchmark in the industry. The company has its own in-house dedicated, qualified, factory trained and certified technical team which works on a 24x7 basis. It has also become the preferred and exclusive partner for various category majors. For more information, visit


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