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Top FM Supplier of 2019

facilitiesmanagement December 2019

What is your firm looking forward to next year? What will the focus be?

We continue to strive towards creating lasting friendships with the FM community and would like to be the very fabric that projects the community as value drivers. These are interesting times for every FM entity and building owners as they have to continuously evolve by adopting smarter technologies to address market dynamics at the same time focus on creating a better, smarter, greener and secure living experience. We at Adeptus Technologies are here for the community, supplementing as an integral part of this smart technology transformation and adoption. As a start to the new landmark year of 2020 and Dubai playing host to the World Expo, we would also like to publicly announce a new scheme for the benefit of the FM community by offering our IOT platform as a service. A true value offering where, customers can pick and choose applications and services based on their requirements and budgets. The objective is to ensure easy adoption of mission critical technologies by making it scalable, affordable to all and help facilities managers cut across silos, irrespective of what industry they’re in, be it a small pharmacy, a 700-bed hospital, a dates packing unit or an aircraft manufacturing plant.

Any more product launches/enhancements we can expect?

Every day, we are listening and learning and for the short-term future, we are continuously enhancing machine learning enabled algorithms and AI. Although backed by clear vision, we are excited to tread new roads in dynamic Dubai and elsewhere in the region. A Q1 2020 launch of a few newer solutions that are currently under test-phase in our IoT development Lab, is eagerly anticipated by the team. These solutions will specifically address manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors. As an example, manufacturing plants will be able to increase their production efficiency using the equipment effectively, predict and rectify faults before it can cause a delay in production and avoid production of defective products. Predictive analysis, machine learning and AI will be a plugin standard for all the new launches, slated for early 2020.

What are some of the company’s greatest achievements in 2019?

Several hours of listening and interacting with our clients and tireless work from our R&D and software development team created our in-house IOT platform BuildingTalkz. As on date, we have successfully connected more than 25 million sq.ft of mixed use including home, commercial and retail space  across the region, onboarding 10,000+ assets for some of our prestigious clients, who are themselves leaders across various industry verticals.

Testimony to our achievement is on-boarding key elite accounts including:

  • One of the largest real estate and property developer in the world

  • One of the top ranked educational institution chain, globally

  • The largest banking organisation in the GCC region

What are the challenges your firm faced in the industry and your strategy to overcome them?

This is a combination of various factors, both internal and external. But, in general, although customers are curious and want to be early adopters of cutting-edge technologies, there is still a fair amount of hesitation. Convincing them could mean change in key processes and more importantly, expectations are high due to not having had the best results while previously using legacy technology not living up to that high expectation.  Our approach is to let our work speak for itself and see an increasing trend in visits (at our 24x7 Command and Control Centre) from and POCs for large and reputed players from the facilities management and building owners community. Feedback is positive and they are enthusiastic about the potential and adoption of Building Talkz, as an IOT platform of choice. We are here to help in streamlining operations and create value to end users, at the same time, trimming costs and create overall efficiency from a day-to-day perspective.

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